the last thirty six months or so have seen allot

of diverse activity in the musical and film world for

bernie larsen  beyond producing and performing.

2009 sees the release of csi director nathen hope’s

feature film debut thriller “elsewhere”  , scored by

composer bernie larsen, and highlighted by

spinout artists tracks throughout the film,

starring anna kendrick, recently nominated for

an oscar, golden globe and sag awards

as best supporting actress  for jason reitman’s

film “up in the air”.she was also the co-star oftwighlight new moon”.

he has scored three films:  as a member of

“the x-position group“ for the 2006 

sony classics film “friends with money”.

the music featured co-writer/vocalist

rickie lee jones, and a yet to be released

documentary “slangin’ the bard” from

filmmaker/editor greg tillman, which features

hip hop legend massdog.

the soundtrack record  to “friends with money”,

released by rhino, compiled the x-posion groups

score with film composer craig richey’s music.

the 2005 recording of “the words project” led

to tracks that were used in the “friends with

money” film”.  9 of those tracks would become

rickie lee jones critically acclaimed “the sermon

on exposition boulevard” from 2007.

cry on cue’s “love+trust” roots reggae record

released in 2008, saw critical reviews in the u.s.

and europe and was produced by reggae legend

karl pitterson who no by no accident  produced

bunny wailers “blackheart man”, steel pulse’s

“true democracy”, and recorded and mixed

bob marley’s “exodus”.



and other

                 vintage guitar magazine

featured interview with bernie larsen nov. 2008

          bernie larsen composing reel

                AUDI q5 euro promo

written by bernie larsen and boris salchow

                  featuring kathy fisher

                  west indian girl

      “dirty ocean dub” cry on cue remix

                  west indian girl

      “miles from dub” cry on cue remix

ERIN MUIR “Poets Lovely Daughter”

is the mystical variety of bohemian female who banks heavily off her extraordinary experiences and life journeys to create music.

and, winner of rockwired’s best female artist for “poet’s lovely daughter”..

public enemy’s  2007 release “how do you sell soul to a soulless people who sold their soul? features bl on guitar for the critically acclaimed revolutionary hip hop group”s most recent recording


self titled release is the duluth trio’s revolutionary rocked out retro call to arms. recorded at the legendary “sacred heart”  studio, cranked church organs vintage amps shook statues for this, their first release.

Rusty Borealis • ”Fell Down Pretty”

Rusty Borealis is a rowdy hoedown of a band who is equally at home playing on a street corner, in a bar, at an all-ages venue, or around a campfire. We are banjo pluckers  and love playing on the porch because of the comfortable rocking chairs, fresh air, and the good internet reception.

500 MILLION SOCIETY’S video of “get higher”

Cry On Cue “seven sundays” live in los angeles june 2010


“Especially On Sundays”

soul folk singer-songwriter’s debut release features five new originals

that are moody, poppy, and  heartfelt.

“how can you”

from “Especially on Sundays”

bernie larsen
“Out Of Reach”
ten new songs from singer/songwriter/guitarist explores the things one cannot hold onto

“fate”  from “Out Of Reach”

Maureen Toth


Debut solo outing from soulful


“Let It Shine

from “Shine” Maureen Toth

“Doubt of Your Touch”  bernie larsen

Erin Muir  “Too Much”
trYke ” rYde”
dulth trio’s second release spinning
long shimmering vibrations..
a moody five-song e.p. from Los Angeles singer/songwriter Billy Rivera, features Air/Jakatta vocalist Beth Hirsch on “Cold Corner."
single and video release
“Fossil Fears”
hattie peterson

click here for free audio download
‘Scotty Alan
“Wreck and the Mess”
irish meets americana
features david lindley,
ian mclagan, lucinda william’s rhythm section and more. a classic
artist websitehttp://www.scottyalan.comhttp://www.scottyalan.comshapeimage_16_link_0
single and video release 
bernie larsen & alan sparhawk.
alternate version and video bleow features dj burt blackarach
recorded at sacred heart in duluth
by eric swanson.
500 Million Society
“the age of reason”
duluth retro pop garage band’s new release 
free download here

Cry On Cue “upward downward” performed live in los angeles 2012

single and video release
“Thin Miss”
jessica myshack

click here for free audio download

singles and new releases

“Bottomless” live at tycoon’s

bernie larsen & alan sparhawk.

full length and extended

Billy Rivera Netherlands

cry on cue dub remix

“Holy Water”

timothy martin

“Lonely Valentine” 
bernie larsen from”out of reach”
new release 
“The Great Escape”
Barbara Jean
produced by bernie larsen
recorded at sacred heart and the play pen in duluth, mn.
by Tom Fabjance.

click to purchase cd

upcoming releases by James Morrison, Stephen Shareaux, and Jessica Myshack

full length album 
Son To The Boy”s “I Broke Free”
singer/songwriter/actor James Morrison’s
second release features eleven new songs
from swamp to pop to spoken word.
long awaited ep
Jessica Myshack’s “Perfect Paper Moon””
Minnesota americana artist EP features Lucinda Williams 
rhythm section David Sutton and Butch Norton, with Erik Koskinen and bl.
“Sweet Nickel And Dimer” 
Jessica Myshack video from from
”Perfect Paper Moon”
Celia Chavez 
“Moonshine and Honeywine”
single and video
Kyle Swan and Honeybrew
“You Look Like Rain”
video from the forthcoming Ojai covers compilation

“Moms Song”

dir by Nathen Hope

from “Shine” Maureen Toth