Eric SwansonChief Engineer. Eric "Swansonian Institute" Swanson, is the resident studio guru and electronic mad-man. Expertise in tracking, mixing, and mastering. Nominated for Record Producer of the Year 2004 by Minnesota Music Academy.Well known regionally for his epicurean delights.

Tom FabjancePartner/Engineer. Otherwise known as Chi-Town Tommy, studio partner and engineer, Tom Fabjance has worked on projects with the Smashing Pumpkins, Catherine Wheel, Ike Reilly Assassination, The Drovers, Gild, Erik Koskinen, Duluth Does Dylan I & II, Boy Girl Boy Girl, Sasha Mercedes, Low, Black Eyed Snakes, trYke, Haley Bonar... or email at
Alan SparhawkPartner. Studio partner Alan Sparhawk a.k.a. Chicken Bone George. Alan's favorite number is the number three and is currently leading the charge in three Duluth trio's -- Low (Subpop), Black Eyed Snakes (Chairkickers), and the Retribution Gospel Choir. Alan is also the main curator of his own record label -- Chairkickers Union Music.
Tim NelsonPartner. Tim Nelson has played and recorded with a smattering of Duluth bands since the mid-90's; incuding Boy Girl Boy Girl, trYke, the 550 Million Society, Gild, the First Ladies and Father Hennepin. he's performed and/or recorded with Erik Koskinen, Cry on Cue, Haley Bonar, Chad Salmela and Jerree Small. He's a partner in Spinout Records, with Bernie Larsen, which released regional compilations he produced with engineer Tom Fabjance; Duluth Does Dylan, Duluth Does Dylan Revisited, Chilly Northern Women and Iron Country. As a music promoter, Tim currently co-owns Fitger's Brewhouse, Red Star nightclub and Burrito Union with partner Rod Raymond. All three feature regular live music. He was a partner with his brother Brad in the Ripsaw News and they formerly co-promoted the Green Man and the Homegrown Music Festivals. Contacted at -

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