Contact us and we will gladly arrange for a tour of the studio. But while you're here, take a look at a few images from the archives.

The Crash Test Dummies recreated the performances of SONGS OF THE UNFORGIVEN (2004 release) at Sacred Heart in a live concert on Oct 12. Along with Suzie Roche (Roch Sisters) and the band, Low, CTD recorded some of their greatest hits in this unique setting and taped the performance on High Definition for television broadcast in 2005 on HDNet. Images and video available below:

Crash Test Dummies Introduction by Brad Roberts

God Shuffled His Feet : Crash Test Dummies

Swimming In Your Ocean : Crash Test Dummies

Studio Images } 1 | 2 | 3

Stained glass window

Felgemaker pipe organ

Crash Test Dummies video rehearsal

More Crash Test Dummies

Eric's groovy lava lamps

Piano overlooking cathedral

Dummies video & sound design

Stormy Duluth day

Steeple from below

Studio Images } 1 | 2 | 3


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